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Podiatrist Boca Raton

Podiatrist Boca Baton


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Welcome to Certified Foot & Ankle

The Physicians, Surgeons and staff of Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists, PL are dedicated to excellence in providing their patients and the community with advanced, comprehensive conservative and surgical treatment of the foot, ankle and lower leg in a caring and compassionate environment, holding themselves to the highest standards of continuing education and training in emerging techniques, achieving elite levels of board certification, and educating their patients, fellow and future physicians in the evolving field of foot and ankle surgery.

Podiatrist Boca Baton

State-of-the-Art Foot Clinic

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The Boca Clinic at 1601 Clint Moore Road. – Certified Foot and Ankle Specialist Services Boca Raton Florida, Boynton Beach Florida,

Podiatrist Boca Baton

Professional Associations, Awards and Certifications

  • Orthopedic Surgery Associates, Inc.
  • American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS)
  • American Podiatric Medical Association
  • Florida Podiatric Medical Association
  • Palm Beach County Podiatric Medical Association
  • Board Certified in Reconstructive Forefoot, Rearfoot and Ankle Surgery

CALL NOW 1(561) 995-0229 for an appointment

Podiatrist Boca Baton Specialties

  • Highly-Trained Doctors
  • Comprehensive Care
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Caring and Compassionate Environment
  • High Standards of Continuing Education and Training

Service Area

Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Highland Beach, Deerfield Beach & Gulf Stream

Our Commitment

  • We are dedicated to excellence in providing patients and the community with advanced, comprehensive conservative and surgical treatment of the foot, ankle and lower leg in a caring and compassionate environment.
Podiatrist Boca Baton

Services by Podiatrist Boca Baton

  • Complex Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery
  • Deformity Correction
  • Total Ankle Replacement
  • Conservative Foot, Ankle and Leg Pain Treatment
  • Neuropathy/Neuromas
  • Peripheral Nerve Surgery
  • Work and Sports Injuries
  • Heel Pain and Heel Injuries
  • Bunions and Hammertoes
  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Custom Orthotic Devices and Therapeutic Footwear
  • Diseased/Ingrown Nails
  • Adult/Pediatric Flat Feet
  • High Arched Feet
  • Wound Care/Charcot Foot
  • Foot and Ankle Injuries
  • Lower Extremity Skin Conditions
  • Arthritic Feet and Ankles
  • Generalized Foot and Leg Pain
  • Foot and Ankle Infections

Charity and Mission Trips

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Dominican Republic Mission Trip 1

Certified Foot & Ankle Specialists

” We Care About People “

Boca Raton: (561) 995-0229
Ft. Lauderdale: (954) 533-6396
Boynton Beach: (561) 369-2199
West Palm Beach: (561) 357-9330
Coral Springs: (954) 753-3030
Palm City: (772) 288-3338
Podiatrist Boca Raton

Podiatrist Boca Raton


If you think that foot and ankle specialists and Podiatrist Boca Baton are absolutely nothing than just a New Age gibberish, you possibly have completely wrong notion about these careers. Foot and ankle specialists and podiatrists are medical experts helping patients with healthcare issues. Countless people also believe that podiatrists are just & alternative healers’ energizing specific places in our feet to operate certain organs effectively. Although stimulation of certain places in our body is lot more connected with acupressure, Podiatrists don’t energize but instead examine, provide care and offer advice to relive pain and other complications associated in foot, ankle and lower leg parts.

Podiatrist Boca Baton

Podiatrist Boca Raton are certified Foot and Ankle specialists who provide comprehensive, advanced surgical treatments to their patients as well as community in a compassionate and caring environment in Florida.

The Surgeons, Physicians and staff are dedicated to excellence and hold themselves in achieving high levels of board certification, highest standards of continued education and training in latest techniques, and educating patients, colleagues and prospect physicians in the progressing domain of foot and ankle surgery. Headquartered in Boca Raton, this foot and ankle care specialist have two additional locations, one in West Boynton Beach and other in East Boynton Beach for the convenience of its patients. The hours of operation are Monday thru Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Patients can schedule for an appointment, either through online or call to the office. The staff would call back to confirm the scheduled date and time so that patients would not find it difficult to wait for an appointment.

Podiatrist Boca Baton

Podiatrist Boca Raton takes pride as being the ‘Foot and Ankle specialists’ who is keen to listen to its patient’s medical problems and understand it. They are trained to treat and diagnose every foot and ankle problem arising due to the abnormal functions of feet. As soon as you enter the office, you would be greeted with warm and friendly physicians and staff. The comfortable office is stacked with cutting-edge tools to diagnose and treat patients in most effective way. They also focus on finding the advanced methods to heal better with continued training support.
Patients at Podiatrist Boca Raton first undergo a general assessment relating to their medical history. The Foot and Ankle specialist would first diagnose the problem and look what exactly is creating the issue before offering solutions. Based on the condition, the specialist would then necessitate the patient to undergo X-rays and clinical tests. As the results are assessed, they would suggest special apparatus if required, prescription medication and medical suggestions. In few cases, they would also suggest surgical treatment for the patient’s problem to resolve.

The services include complex Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery, Foot and Ankle Arthritis treatment, Peripheral Neuropathy treatment, Total Ankle replacement, Peripheral Nerve surgery, Wound care, Diabetic Foot exam/care, Therapeutic footwear and custom orthodontic devices, toenail surgery, ‘At Risk’ Preventive care, Deformity correction, Same Day Surgeries and Office Procedures. The board certified specialists have performed numerous surgical procedures and indulges in discovering best treatments.

Podiatrist Boca Baton

All the Podiatrist Boca Raton specialists maintain the elite levels of accreditation and practice ongoing education to remain well-informed of the latest techniques in podiatry. There are three specialists for Foot and Ankle specialists at Boca Raton. They are Dr. Kinmon, Dr. MacGill and Dr. Powell. Dr. Kinmon is the founding member of Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists, PL, and also an affiliate of Orthopedic Surgery Associates, Inc. He is highly trained in all aspects of Foot and Ankle surgeries and finds exhaustive ways to diagnose the problem using conventional treatment methods with surgery as the last resort.

Podiatrist Boca Baton

Dr. MacGill is a member in Florida, and Palm Beach County Podiatric Medical Associations. He is certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery in the reconstructive rear foot, forefoot and ankle surgery. He is also an associate of American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. Dr. Powell is presently a member of the teaching and research faculty at The Podiatry Institute which is an internationally recognized teaching foundation specialized for reconstructive foot and ankle surgery. He also authored four publications for Podiatry Institute’s annual update. He is a staff for many hospitals and participates in surgical training at Bethesda Memorial Hospital.

Podiatrist Boca Baton

Podiatrist Boca Raton are genuinely committed in providing highest quality of Podiatric medical and surgical care with uncompromising integrity and sincere compassion.