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Ankle Injuries (Fractures and Sprains)

Ankle sprains, Ankle fractures or Broken Ankles are extremely common injuries. Ankle injuries can happen to anybody of any age and activity level. Ankle Fractures or Ankle Sprains often occur from twisting the ankle from a bad step during walking, running or sports but can also occur from falling from a height or from high impact injuries such as car wrecks.

Ankle sprains are injuries to the ligaments of the ankle. Most ankle sprains can be treated without surgery, with immobilization and physical therapy. However, some severe ankle sprains will require surgery to repair the ligaments and stabilize the ankle.

Ankle fractures occur when one or more of the bones that make up the ankle are broken. Many Ankle Fractures will require surgery, but most can be done as an outpatient. Open Reduction with Internal Fixation (ORIF of the Ankle) is the name of the procedure most often required, and entails putting the bones back into normal position followed by inserting plates and screws to maintain the position while the bones heal. Ankle Fractures usually require 6 weeks or so of immobilization and non-weight bearing followed by physical therapy for the Ankle to restore stability, range of motion and strength. Most people do return to full activity after an ankle fracture, however a small percentage will go on to develop arthritis of the ankle joint, which will require further treatment in the future.